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Our Passion

Protection, Restoration and Creation of Natural Environments

Wild Environmental is an independent environmental consultancy committed to the protection, restoration, and creation of natural environments. Specialising in river habitats, we can help you manage water sustainably. We have experience of working with private and public sector clients as well as individuals to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come.

We have a passion for training and coaching to empower others to help the environment. Wild Environmental would love to work with you and/or your team to give you the confidence to make decisions for the environment. 

Our Director

Dr Jennifer Collins

Jennifer is a chartered geomorphologist specialising in the protection, restoration and creation of river habitats. She has worked across both the public and private sectors on a range of critical infrastructure projects. She has experience producing and environmental assessments as well as developing and delivering enhancements for watercourses.

Comfortable with delivering multi-disciplinary projects, Jennifer is experienced managing complex projects requiring inputs from different specialists. She regularly works with a network of specialists from across the industry to deliver projects.

Jennifer is also proud to be a Trustee of the South East Rivers Trust and is passionate about training others. 

Beautiful Nature

Environmental Consultancy

and Coaching

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River Habitat Restoration

Wild Environmental can help you restore and protect river habitats. We endorse the use of sustainable practices to promote the long-term health of these important ecosystems.

Biodiversity Net Gain

We can help you assess, design and deliver biodiversity net gain solutions for watercourses. Wild Environmental can complete river condition assessments on your site and on potential off site locations. We are experts in the watercourse module of the statutory biodiversity metric and we are experienced in identifying and securing offsite watercourse units, if required. 


We are committed to the protection of rivers and their natural habitats. Wild Environmental can help you monitor the health of these habitats over time.

Water Framework Directive Assessments

We offer assessments to help you understand the impact of your activities on the water environment. Wild Environmental can help you develop your designs to minimise your impact, ensure compliance with regulations and contribute to Water Framework Directive objectives.

We have experience with liaising with regulators across the UK to develop and agree mitigation measures, if required. 

Nature Based Solutions

Wild Environmental can help you develop sustainable practices and reduce your environmental impact. We can provide guidance on using nature to reduce waste, conserving resources, and improving efficiency.

Coaching & Bespoke Training

We offer coaching and bespoke courses on these subjects to empower you to restore river habitats and boost your confidence in environmental management. We can adapt to your needs. 


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